How is the cargo usually packed for transport?

Usually the goods are folded and packed on pallets.
Паллета и паллета с упаковкой

What size pallets are commonly used?

Euro pallet - 120 cm х 80 cm (most often!)
Industrial pallet - 120 cm х 120 cm
Finnish pallet - 120 cm х 100 cm

Where to look and how to find out the product code (Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature/FEACN codes)?

RUS (unofficial source)LV (official source)ENG (official source)

What trucks are commonly used to transport goods?

How to calculate load metres (LDM) correctly?

Where can I see the queues at the borders?

LV-BY (LV border)LV/LT/PL/UA-BY (BY border) /  LV-RUS (LV border) / LV-RUS (RUS border)