The most common way to pack cargo for transportation.

Cargo for transportation is typically arranged and packaged on a specialized platform known as a pallet. The following images depict the appearance of a pallet and the manner in which products are positioned on it.

Below is a list of the most commonly used pallet sizes, although there are many variations available.

Euro pallet - 120 cm х 80 cm (most commonly used)
Industrial pallet - 120 cm х 120 cm
Finnish pallet - 120 cm х 100 cm

Determining the FEACN codes (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature) is one of the essential elements in arranging cargo.

A special commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity is used for classifying goods in international trade with CIS countries. It contains classification numbers for specific goods. Below are links to verified sources where one can familiarize oneself with the goods classifier.
RUS (unofficial source) / LV (official source) / ENG (official source)

The most commonly used type of transportation for cargo is cargo trucks of various types, sizes, and dimensions.

For cargo transportation, we usually use freight transport such as Eurotrucks, isothermal semi-trailers, refrigerated trucks, JUMBO, and MEGA trailers. The information about the dimensions and capacity of the transport can be found on the illustration.

One needs to accurately calculate linear meters (LDM) while loading goods into the cargo compartment of a vehicle to ensure efficient organization of cargo transportation.

The following table can assist in accurately calculating linear meters.

In the process of freight transportation between European and CIS countries, crossing the border is a mandatory requirement for cargo trucks.

Due to this process, there may be a need to wait in a queue to cross the border. Information about the length of the queue at the border can be found on official websites. Below are links to such websites where one can find an approximate number of vehicles waiting to cross the border, as well as the average capacity of the border control checkpoint.
LV-BY (LV border) /  LV/LT/PL/UA-BY (BY border) /  LV-RUS (LV border) /
EE-RUS (EE border) / UA-BY/RUS/MD/RO/HU/SK/PL (UA border)